Small businesses have economic constraints and all expenses need to be justified with a valid business case. What sets the small businesses apart from the large-scale business houses is the presence of funds and the capability to withstand the failure of solutions. What small businesses need is experienced consultants who know the solutions that would fit the business. However, such experience mostly comes at a high cost. Bright Axis consultants bring a rich experience of in-the-field consulting working with not only small businesses but also working with the Fortune top 100 companies. Such wide variety of experience can even help small businesses in formulating strategies that scale when small businesses grow beyond the “small business” strata. Bright Axis has solutions that will help your small business formulate right strategies and reduce your information security risk to an acceptable level. When you choose Bright Axis, we bring in a collaborative, risk-based approach, and information security strategy that helps you meet any compliance initiatives – mandatory or non-mandatory.
Bright Axis provides integrated security offerings to help small enterprises to assist them with a complete Perimeter Assessment. The key question is – what is an organization “perimeter”? The simplest manner you can answer that question is by asking can someone outside your organization access your organization’s systems using that mode. Most likely your organization’s Internet-facing infrastructure including remote-access VPN, web applications, externally accessible file servers or remote shells constitute a perimeter. The other sections of an organizational infrastructure that constitute a “perimeter” are wireless infrastructure, and dial-in backup interfaces. Often times a lot of attention is paid to the “technical” assessments but physical security – organizational physical security, email and voice based access mechanisms are not assessed which are equally important. Bright Axis Small Enterprise Solutions combine all these offerings at prices that fit the budgets of small enterprises. Doing an annual perimeter assessment combined with an internal assessment gives most organizations at least some assurance about the organizations susceptibility to attackers. Small organizations’ susceptibility to targeted and untargeted attacks, corporate espionage and internal threat can destroy an organization’s reputation, and/or business by compromising trade secrets or intellectual property (IP). Perimeter assessments can provide some level of organizational confidence in its own security.