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Road to Compliance

Road to Compliance

Does it help to have your security audits performed by an incompetent service provider? From the outset, the advantages may look promising – easy audits, not much work to be done, lot of free passes, and in general, a relatively hassle-free compliance assessment, right? Although, the above advantages of choosing an easy (or callous) auditor appear to be cost-saving they are anything but cost-saving. Today, you might feel that your organization passed an audit but did you really “pass” the audit? Or were you given a walk-over? Is your organization lead into having a false sense of security? Quite likely!
A good audit is one that finds as many problems as it can. A good auditor never trusts the statements but verifies all the statements. A good auditor uses skills, knowledge, innovation and a general business expertise to perform high quality audits. And above all, a good auditor has an impeccable work ethic.
Your road to compliance depends a lot on the quality of your compliance department (if you have one in your organization) as well as a quality auditor. The more knowledgeable, diligent and strict your auditor is, the more likely it is that the organizational risks would be identified and corrective actions taken. Of course, having an auditor that has no perception of risk does not help even though they might appear to be strict. But being strict without context does not help. By definition, the risk is an expectation of loss and if an auditor is incapable of assessing risk they are incapable of performing organizational audits.

Choose the right auditor who does the right thing. Bright Axis has an impeccable work record and Bright Axis consultants have a strong history of assessing top organizations for security assessments that assist in organizational compliance efforts.

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