Penetration Tests

Hire "hackers" who protect

Enterprise solutions to test the security of networks. From testing the security of the perimeter – wired and wireless to testing the vulnerability of the internal networks and physical infrastructure. Bright Axis penetration testing services will emulate the behavior of a “black hat” and recommends security best practices to be resilient against such attacks.

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Web App Assessments

Secure your web applications

Most breaches can be attributed to server-side vulnerabilities in the web applications. Bright Axis provides web application black-box, white box and gray box security assessments. From web-based applications to applications for smartphones, we do it all.

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Security Reviews

Secure your enterprise

Enterprise solutions to perform assessments based on ISO 27002 guidelines, security policy reviews, physical security assessments, risk assessments for Payment Card Industry, gap assessments for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and FTC. Bright Axis also performs security assessments for Cisco and Checkpoint network devices, OS build reviews and many more.

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